SoundCtrl’s picks for SXSW 2013 PanelPicker

By Jason Epstein

Next year’s SXSW hits Austin, Texas from March 8-17 and will feature thousands of performances, screenings, awards and more for music, film and interactive arts for even more thousands of fans to experience.  Of course, there are panels too – where the SXSW community discusses loads of industry topics.  We’ve picked a few technology-oriented panels that have been proposed via SXSW’s PanelPicker voting system to chat about in anticipation of the event. If any of these interest you, make sure you go vote!

Citizen Archivists and Cultural Memory
This panel focuses on capturing the experience of music.  This could be artists, labels or music owners acting as caretakers of their analog and digital music.  They’ll discuss questions such as “How can I preserve my analog and digital recordings for the long-term?” and “How can I unlock value from my recorded materials?”.  Though music will most likely be the topic of discussion here, the presence of members of the Library of Congress could lend some valuable insight into their thought process and best practices as well.

How to Create Share and Listen with Technology
This panel involves two well-known technology companies, Dell, Inc. and Skullcandy in a discussion about improved sharing, distribution, and listening of audio around the world with a focus on Dell’s audio solutions.  They’ll try to answer questions like “How can I listen to music with more clarity? and “How has technology allowed listening to reach further?”  Seems like it could be interesting as long as it isn’t turned into a promotional vehicle.

The End of Simple and The Future of User Experience
This panel takes a look at the state of technology behind the almighty user experience in the present and the possibilities of where it can go from here.  They’ll be addressing such questions as  “What does the growth of personalization mean for user experience? ” and “Are there signs of fatigue with ‘clean and simple’?”.  This could be an interesting look at our collective technological progress culminating into the most simplistic, yet effective technology possible.  And what would that mean for such complex programs like Pro Tools?

Getting Your Music on Streaming Services

This panel takes a stab at educating undiscovered artists how to get maximum exposure by leveraging streaming music services.  They’ll go through items like “Why are some musicians resistant to utilizing streaming services for promotion?” and “How do you get your music on streaming services?”.  It seems like this could be useful knowledge for budding musicians to arm themselves with and exciting prospect for fans who want to access their music.

Music:Technology 30 years from now
This panel will look at the Future of Music Technology by discussing what it might look like in 30 years. Featuring a cast of NY Music Tech Meetup regulars, (Seth Hillinger, Eliot Van Buskirk, and Jason Herskowitz), and renowned artist DJ Spooky, the panel will explore 30 years in the past (1983) and discuss the various parts of technology that have changed. As they approach the present, the discussion will turn to how the internet shattered the industry open. Finally, the panelists will dive into the future and discus what to expect in 5, 10, and 30 years.