The Home DJ: Vibe Music Mixer App

by Dave Mainella

Vibe recently unveiled the latest version of their Music Mixer app for iPhone and iPad.  The app, developed with the help of Musicsoft Arts, is a powerful, and free, mixing tool for every home DJ.

The Vibe Music Mixer app features an impressive looking turntable display and offers a wide selection of tools at your disposal.  The auto-mixing capability automatically fades tracks in and out.  Beat matching capabilities mean tempos match without altering the pitch.  And the opposite is available too: changing pitch without changing tempos.

With additional features like a 3 band EQ, high and low pass filters, and scratching capabilities via the virtual turntable, the Music Mixer has a lot to offer.  And free mixable tracks by Skrillex, Mark Ronson, and DJ Premier make Vibe’s app the authoritative free DJ app available today.