The Orchard Updates Analytics to Include Amazon US, Spotify, and YouTube

by Dave Mainella

Independent music and video distribution company The Orchard has updated its analytics platform to better offer clients ways to identify sales activity and digital trends.

In all, the Orchard’s analytics dashboard offers the opportunity to view and track sales activity from more than 10 downloading and streaming services.  The platform now includes Amazon US, Spotify, and YouTube, which added to existing feeds from iTunes, Rdio, Hulu, and Deezer, help clients form a comprehensive understanding of their digital marketplace and download activity.

An “annotate” feature allows users to add events into their sales feed, an efficient way to measure marketing and focus on what has proven to have a positive impact on sales.  And a client’s analytics feed can be broken down by country, store, imprint, artist, releases, and videos for the past month, making the Orchard’s expanded analytics platform an impressive component of its marketing and distribution services.