The Social Media Value of a Grammy

via FanBridge

by Corey Zaloom

Being data nerds, we realized that we couldn’t just watch the Grammys without digging a little deeper into the question on FanBridge’s mind.

What’s the social media value of a Grammy award?

We looked at last night’s biggest categories to figure out who showed the greatest lift in Facebook Likes, Twitter followers, and YouTube views (for song-oriented awards). Artists with asterisks next to their name also performed on the show.

Album of the Year

21 - Adele*

Facebook: 1.05% (+187,656)
Twitter: 5.33% (+196,690)

Wasting Light - The Foo Fighters*
Facebook: 0.3% (+18,322)
Twitter: 2.25% (+13,728)

Born This Way - Lady Gaga
Facebook: 0.07% (+35,598)
Twitter: 0.24% (+45,683)

Doo-Wops & Hooligans - Bruno Mars*
Facebook: 0.37% (+68,620)
Twitter: 0.56% (+39,355)

Loud - Rihanna*
Facebook: 0.1% (+49,515)
Twitter: 0.56% (+74,229)
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