Ticketmob Has Three Great Ways to Help Your Show, Venue, or Band

by Mike Tuttle

When you are trying to put together a great show or event, there are so many things to think about. You start off just wanting to get the details of the event itself right – the staging, production flow, personnel, etc. Once all that is in place, it would be awesome to just open the doors and have people flood in and fill the seats.

But alas, that “if you build it, they will come” stuff only works in baseball movies. Even the Blues Brothers understood that you have to “prepare the proper exploitation” for a show or event.

Ticketing and seating hassles have plagued many a good show, driving attendance into nowhere land. It is a basic tenet of marketing that you must make the connection between hearing about an offer and purchasing it as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Otherwise, people have to jump through so many hoops that they throw up their hands and stay home.

Enter Ticketmob. The brainchild of former event promoter Scot Richardson, Ticketmob is an online ticketing and venue management platform. There are many ticketing services out there, but what sets Ticketmob apart is its separate and unique ticket branding “verticals.” Ticketmob is three different services under one roof:  LaughStub, TuneStub, and ElectroStub.

LaughStub is designed and geared specifically to comedians, comedy venues, comedy clubs, and everything in the comedy world. LaughStub clients are some of the biggest artists and venues in comedy, including artists Russell Brand, Adam Carolla, and Jim Gaffigan and venues like The Improv, The Comedy Store, Second City, and Gotham.

TuneStub is designed and geared towards live music, bands, concert promoters and live music venues. TuneStub clients include Nederlander venues, The Mint, The Belmont, Saint Rocke, Roxy Lounge, and more.

ElectroStub is the latest addition to the Ticketmob family and is designed and geared around DJs, producers, nightclubs, dayclubs, special events, promoters, and festivals. ElectroStub clients are some of the biggest names in EDM and nightlife, including venues Dim Mak Studios, Drai’s, Lavo NY, Playhouse Nightclub, and Sutra as well as artists such as Grammy-nominated Morgan Page, Infected Mushroom, 12th Planet, and many more.

All three of Ticketmob’s verticals feature technology that provides cutting-edge ticketing, custom websites, social marketing, merchandising, and analytics tools to help venues, artists and event promoters better manage their operations, increase revenue and understand and reach their customers.

One of the big pluses to how Ticketmob handles its clients has to do with branding. The Ticketmob structure itself is virtually transparent, leaving the focus on your venue or event. It is as though you put together a great site yourself for your venue alone.

With may other ticketing solutions, you have an outbound link on your site that pops up in a new tab or window. It is a one-size-fits-all solution that often results in less time spent on your page, and it certainly does not look as professional.

For some good examples of Ticketmob’s handiwork, take a look at The Roxy Lounge. The site features gorgeous ticketing, calendar, and social media integration, and it’s all provided by the TuneStub vertical from TicketMob.

Now, compare that to this Improv Comedy site. This one is from LaughStub. So is this one for Second City. The comedy sites handle everything those kinds of venues need in a seamless manner. No kicking customers out to separate sites for ticketing, menus, info, etc.

For more information on the different verticals offered by Ticketmob, visit their main website. You can also visit the specific sites of TuneStub, LaughStub, and ElectroStub.

Mike Tuttle is a freelance writer who digs on music, tech, and political topics that twitch his in-laws. Catch him on Google+ and Twitter at @MikeTuttle.