Will the iPhone 5 launch pack a musical punch?

By James Clark

There’s wide scale speculation about the new iPhone that’s about to hit the market. There’s talk of a bigger screen and better resolution, some speak of better battery time, while others are lamenting the obvious exclusion of the NFC. Music lovers on the other hand are wondering whether Apple’s newborn will have something to offer to them, as most iPhone sets in the past have. Apple has verily redefined the music experience on the go and virtually destroyed the need for standalone mp3 players, so expecting the iPhone 5 to have something interesting to offer to music junkies is only natural – and something interesting to offer the iPhone 5 launch most likely will, even if the iPhone 5 itself doesn’t.

Move aside Pandora

News from the grapevine suggests that Apple is in the process of building its own music streaming service, one which will stand up to, and if Apple has its way, knock Pandora out of the top spot. Their aim is to create customizable service which provides internet radio – the service is to be linked to the iTunes so that Apple fans can stay hooked as long as they want.

Getting on board

The tech giant is reportedly working its way into several record labels and bringing them on board with its plans. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that once Apple is done we could be looking at a whole new melodious experience on all Apple devices. The service will most likely stay restricted to iPads, iPods, and iPhones but there’s no telling what Apple might pull out of its magic hat later on for other users. Pandora’s stock fell as the news of Apple’s decision to jump into streaming online music broke – but that was to be expected.

Of course there are some party poopers who’re saying the September 12th launch will have no mention of Apple’s new plans for their streaming service, while others are adamant that news will break right then and there. Whether or not Apple’s service will knock Pandora off the charts is something that remains to be seen, at this point all we know for certain is that Pandora’s bracing for a storm and Apple is building its own little musical army.

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