Yahoo’s IntoNow Updates Its iPad App With Music Syncing

by Ryan Lawler – via TechCrunch

The newest IntoNow release — the company’s third major update — takes a step back from earlier versions, which were focused on TV discovery and sharing metadata with users. It found that users were getting little actual utility out of those features, and they weren’t coming back for more, according IntoNow GM Adam Cahan. So the team set about re-imagining ways it could promote more interaction with the app.

So what’d it come up with? For one thing, the new app also has a new TV and music sync function, which lets people know which songs are in the background during the middle of a show or as the credits roll. That doesn’t just apply to studio songs, but it can also help identify covers and live performances. So when you hear a song you like on American Idol, you can find the original. Users can then purchase a song on iTunes or watch the music video on YouTube.

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